Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Farmertones Have A Hit!

The Farmertones are my new favorite OT stringband. Of course, it's populated with some of my favorite musicians, all hailing from the St. Louis area. Geoff Seitz and Mark Rennard play fiddles. Then you've got Cousin Curt and Dennis Buckhannon on mando and starvation box, respectively. The group is rounded out by Dave Landreth on the banjer. With an all-star lineup like this how can you go wrong!

The Farmertones CD presents a program of great renditions of some classic OT tunes and some not so familiar. Included are Midwestern tunes, Kentucky tunes (a la Buddy Thomas and Art Stamper), and one particularly interesting piece, Snouts and Ear of America. Apparently Mr. Rennard drew this tune from the pages of Samuel Bayard's Hill Country Tunes. This piece has 19th century Americana written all over it and with this unbelievable title to boot. Whoa Nelly! I'm sure we'll be it hearing at festival jams next summer.

Here's the complete tune list: Horse & Buggy-O, Lady of the Lake, Granny Will Your Dog Bite?, Snouts & Ears of America, Little German Waltz, Walk Aong John, Chicken Reel, Good-bye Girls, I'm Going to Boston, Turkey in the Straw, Ragtime Annie, Hogs & Sheep, Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss. Great artwork and nicely written introduction, too.

To find out more go to: http://www.farmertones.com/.
Heck, these boys have even been on the TV!! http://www.farmertones.com/video.htm

To order go directly to The Farmertones webpage.
-- Charlie Walden