Thursday, October 22, 2015

Results of 2015 Missouri State Fair Fiddle Championship

The Missouri State Fair Fiddling Champion was held on August 23, 2015, in the Touchstone Energy Tent at the Missouri State Fair Grounds. We had a great turnout of contestants, however, next year we'd sure like to have more Seniors.

Participants included (in no particular order):

Jr. Division

Elijah Baker - Birch Tree
Kaylee Downs - Ava
Anna Belle Wakeland - Hillsboro
Tanner Marriott - Ava
Amanda Arbuckle - Columbia
Corinna Baker - Birch Tree
Preston Marriott - Ava
Coleman Crosby - Kansas City
Savannah Shannon - Fordland
Carlie Cunningham - Fulton

The winner of the Junior Division was Savanah Shannon. Here's her winning performance --

Senior Division

Ed Sellers - Belton
Richard Harness - Stover
Gary Johnston - Nevada

The winner of the Senior Division was Richard Harness.  Sorry no video available.

Open Division

Roger Berggren - Rocheport
Kathy Summers - Bourbon
Trustin Baker - Birch Tree
Elizabeth Kehl - Smithton
Chris Stewart - Lebanon
Tad Johnston - Nevada
Beau Johnston - Nevada
Junior Marriott - Ava
Travis Inman - Sedalia

Here's the winning performance for 2015 by Travis Inman ---

Junior Marriott and Elijah Baker shared Best Accompanist honors. It seemed like Junior played for almost everyone and a big thanks to him for that.

Emcee was Charlie Walden. The contest was administered by Bill Shull and sponsored by the Missouri State Old Time Fiddler Association. Judges were Clifford Hill - Eldon, John Stewart and Joe Hinkebein of Columbia.

Now here's the contest in it's entirety - 21 clips in all (less the Senior Division. Sorry, it was a new camera and I really thought it was running!).

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