Wednesday, March 2, 2016

1983 Boonville, MO Fiddle Contest

Here's some great old audio from the 1983 Fiddle Contest at Boonville, Missouri. Back when I first started playing this was one of the great contests. It was held each year at the Laura Elliot Speed Jr. High School auditorium.

These audio recordings I made myself with an old Sony reel-to-reel tape recorder. 


0:00 Skater's Waltz (Charlie Walden & John Stewart)
3:44 Angus Campbell (Charlie Walden and John Stewart)
5:39 Bile the Cabbage
6:41 Red Fox Waltz (Bob Hagan)
9:03 Salt River Reel (Bob Hagan)
11:00 Durang's Hornpipe (Spencer Galloway)
12:33 Our Last Waltz (Spencer Galloway)
14:45 Grey Eagle (Taylor McBaine)
16:57 Clark Waltz (Taylor McBaine)
18:37 Lazy Kate (Bob Atchison)
20:17 Western Waltz (Bob Atchison)
22:59 Waltz in G (Vesta Johnson)
26:06 Fort Smith (Vesta Johnson)
27:30 Soldier's Joy Hornpipe (Bill Eddy)
29:38 Canary Waltz (Bill Eddy)
32:00 Ragtime Annie (Mike Wells)
33:52 Westphalia Waltz (Mike Wells)
37:49 Grey Eagle
39:40 Sweet Bunch of Daisies
42:16 Tom and Jerry (Lynn Wells)


0:00 Combination Waltz (Lynn Wells)
2:13 Bill Cheatum (Jimmy Gilmore)
4:40 Over The Waves Waltz (Jimmy Gilmore)
7:18 Fireball Mail (Musial Wolfe)
9:45 Westphalia Waltz (Musial Wolfe)
12:48 Fisher's Hornpipe (Maggie Sprat)
13:46 Waltz (Maggie Sprat)
16:41 Sleepy-Eyed Joe (John Griffin)
18:23 Country Waltz (John Griffin)
20:42 Katy Did Waltz (Joe Grable)
23:49 Durang's Hornpipe (Joe Grable)
25:39 Announcements
28:51 Tom and Jerry (Charlie Walden)
31:47 Dance Around Molly (Taylor McBaine)
33:43 Coming Down from Denver (Bob Atchison)
35:39 Sally Goodin (Mike Wells)
37:41 Marmaduke's Hornpipe (Lynn Wells)
40:02 Coming Down From Denver (Bill Eddy)
41:44 Woodchopper's Breakdown (John Griffin)
43:12 Announcement of Winners

You can also download this audio and have for your very own.