Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Tune Book - Traditional Fiddle Music of Missouri

Just out is a new companion tune book based on the award recording "Traditional Fiddle Music of Missouri". It includes transcriptions of all 20 tunes from the recording in standard notation, plus mandolin TAB and suggested chords for accompaniment. 

Tunes include: Irish Cobbler, Long John, Mother’s Waltz, Tune in C, Stars & Stripes Waltz, Ned Kendall’s Hornpipe, Constitution Hornpipe, Vee Latty’s B-Flat Waltz, Rosebud Hornpipe, Casey’s Old Time Waltz, Jesse’s Quadrille, Irish Reel, Opera Reel, Smith’s Reel, Bill Powell’s Waltz, Carrollton County Breakdown, Spotted Pony, Zack Wheat’s Piece, Johnny Don’t Come Home Drunk, Bill Katon’s Hornpipe.

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