Sunday, February 8, 2015

John Williams' Awesome Fiddle CD!

If you don't have this Missouri fiddle release by John P. Williams of Monroe County, Missouri you're missing out.  I've known John for a lot of years, going back to when we was a camper/student at the Bethel Fiddle Camp in the 1990s.  He was dern good then and I can tell you for certain he has since developed into a full-fledged full speed ahead Central Missouri-style fiddler of the first order.  He plays with authority and the tune renditions are fully developed and true to the tradition, yet bear his unique mark.  The CD features 19 tracks with various combinations of guitar, tenor guitar and banjo accompaniment.  It was recorded at the Wyatt Violin Shop in Independence.  Matt Wyatt did the recording and editing, and even plays guitar on the CD. Tunes include: 

Burt County Breakdown / Georgia Boys / Midnight on the Water / Old Indiana / Happy Jack / Gilsaw /  Messer's Memorial Waltz / Woodchopper's Reel & St. Anne's Reel / Oklahoma Redbird / Ford One Step / Bitter Creek / Leather Britches / Hell Amongst the Yearlings / Rose O' My Heart Waltz / Tiehacker Hoedown / Grey Eagle / Old Jeff City (Katon's Hornpipe) / Stoney Point / Miss Molly Goes to Mayberry