Sunday, February 8, 2015

Westphalia Waltz by Charlie Walden with Patt Plunkett on piano

Here's a tune that every fiddler should play - the old Westphalia Waltz. Played in the key of G. I find this tune can be a good entry into playing simple harmony as it uses a lot of arpeggios and simple scale passages. Nothing too complicated.

Performance of Westphalia Waltz at the Bethel, Missouri, Fiddle Contest and Camp in June 1989. Bible Grove Dancers take a "break" from the square dancing to do a waltz. Played by Pete McMahan and Charlie Walden with Dennis Buckhannon and Dave Copeland (guitars), Emily Buckhannon (piano) and Forrest Rose (bass).

You can download a free transcription of the tune HERE
Get the entire "Project" on CD HERE.